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How Feasible It Is To Buy A Primed Chamber With 5000P?



Supposing i could pay 5000p (standard price listed at Warframe Trading Net) for Primed Chamber, but were not willing  to raise the offer beyond that. Would I have a very hard time getting someone to sell it to me? How many days would I have to spam trading chat until i get it?


EDIT: Yes, I know it seems ridiculous to pay so much for a mod that ain't even too good or useful. But i want it because of it's rareness and preciousness above all.

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...No mod is really worth anywhere near that much, no matter how rare or useful it is.


Immeidate edit: But, opinion aside, you probably won't have to spam chat that much. All you'll need is someone who has it to see that offer, and I guarantee they will be all over it.

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