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Valkyr Hysteria Finisher Damage Too Low


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While the Finisher damage for weapons has been fixed as of 15.1.1, this is not the case for Valkyr's Hysteria (not fixed in 15.1.2). I've already reported this in the patchnotes thread, but it probably got drowned out by all the Viver angst (I kid, I kid :)).


Now I just hope you don't mind me opening a new thread on this and quoting myself:


Just did a quick test with a L30 Karyst having 275 Toxin damage. Its finisher attack seems to be fixed, however Valkyr's Hysteria is still way off. The following screenshots were made in the same mission:




1st pic: Karyst finisher dealing 3065 + 235 = 3300 damage. This is 12 times the base damage, as expected.


2nd pic: Hysteria finisher 1; 659 + 441 = 1100 damage. Way too low, at least that (i think it was around level 20) Crewman dies.


3rd pic: Hysteria finisher 2 (same move as above!); 441 + 109 = 550 damage. Looks like it didn't hit critically this time. This is only twice the Karyst's base damage. Out of Hysteria, I'm killing them in less strikes with basic attacks, because the Karyst's Toxin damage ignores their shields. o_O


4th pic: Just a basic attack in Hysteria for comparison, dealing 288 + 292 = 580 damage. Even this one is better.

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