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Difficulty Starting A Clan


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Me and several friends would like to start our own clan but none of us are able to find out how to do this. Google and the wiki tell us we have to click on some Shield button but this doesn't appear to exist on the PC build. Any and all help would be greatlly appricated.


Update: We found the clan menu. it would be nice if the guide or wiki could be update to refelct the change to the GUI.

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Make sure you've got a bunch of friends with lots of materials!


And I mean, A LOT of materials. Buttloads of all of em.


Ah, and forma. Lots of forma. Everything requires forma.


Another tip is to plan out how you want your dojo to look before you even build it, as it takes a long time to build the entire place, and you cannot simply rearrange rooms.

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