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Matchmaking Improvements: Quick Join And Groups.


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I'm going to try keep this suggestion short and sweet. If any clarification is needed please feel free to ask.




Matchmaking in Warframe is restricted to paring two players that have selected to begin the same mission which can cause quite a bit of waiting time when opting to play less popular game modes. Players usually resort to spamming invites to everyone in their region hoping to fill their party.


When you do get into a game there is usually a sizable difference in the "power level" of each member which can lead to one player dominating while the others simply follow along or inversely a single player that is the "weak link" on higher leveled missions.


Finding players that compliment my play style is difficult to do without using resources outside of the game. Stealth players, for example, have no way of finding other stealth players in game.


Possible solutions:


So, to remedy the first issue what I would like to suggest is the addition of a "quick join" option. This option would allow any players to jump into the first available public session so that anyone wanting to just jump in and play will be able to do so. It will also help players to fill a public session on a mission without the need of using the recruitment chat.


Second, more customizable matchmaking to allow for a minimum/maximum conclave level of joining players to be specified.


Third, player made groups thats sole purpose to help like-minded players congregate. Unlike clans these groups should merely be lists of players that can be joined and left at any time without penalty. You should also be able to join several groups at once and access each list individually. That way there can be groups dedicated to stealth players, grinders, traders, max level players and so on. Also, if possible, the ability for certain groups of players to be included or excluded from matchmaking and incoming invites.

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