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Reverse Grips Melee


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  How about some (more) reverse grip in Melee. 


I – Simply add the option to reverse grip on existing weapon and add adjustments to animations accordingly.


II – Avoid changing all animations by introducing a new class of reverse grip weapons.


III – Introduce a select number of new reverse grip stances for weapons best suited for said grip.



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1 2 and 3: some stance mods have this effect for certain melee weapons: there's blind justice for Nikanas for a full reverse grip experience; the twin daggers attack this way despite blocking with the blades upright; some attacks for Crimson Dervish have this mixed in, and I'm not sure but Rending Crane may have this too. Pointed wind and Homing Fang switch between upright and reverse for some attacks. So other than blind justice, I don't think you'll find some dedicated reverse grip styles... which may be for the best.

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