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Wts Various Warframe + Weapon Mods, And Primes! Tethra Set

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Stuff For Sale! The prices listed are what I want for these items, but I'm open to negotiations, offers and such. Feel free to bargain with me, I don't bite :)


If I'm not online, feel free to send a PM on forums! Be sure to include what time you will be on, and I'll try to meet you around that time



Cicero Event Mod Set - 15p

Maxed Tethra Event Mod Set - 600p   SOLD


Warframe Mods

Continuity - 5p  SOLD

Flow       - 5p

Fortitude  - 5p

Intensify  - 5p

Narrow Minded - 13p

Streamline - 4p

Transient Fortitude - 25p


Aura Mods

Enemy Radar - 10p

Energy Siphon - 10p

Loot Detector - 10P

Physique - 8P

Rejuvenation - 10P

Steel Charge - 10P


Rifle Mods

Bane of Corpus - 3p

Bane of Grineer - 3P

Shred - 4P

Split Chamber - 14p

Thunderbolt - 14p

Vile Acceleration - 15p


Pistol Mods

Hollow Point - 8p

Lethal Torrent - 8p

Magnum Force - 8p

Pistol Ammo Mutation - 12p


Melee Mods

Berserker - 15p

Focus Energy - 5p

Jagged Edge - 10p

Life Strike - 15p

Spoiled Strike - 15p


Stance Mods

Blind Justice - 10p

Cleaving Whirlwind - 13p

Crossing Snakes - 13p

Eleventh Storm - 4p

Flailing Branch - 13p

Iron Phoenix - 13p

Pointed Wind - 13p

Seismic Palm - 13p


Archwing Mods

Hyperion Thrusters - 30p


Sentinel Mods

Coolant Leak - 15p

Fired Up - 9p

Self Destruct - 5p



Boltor Prime Set - 35p

Latron Prime Set - 10p

Dakra Prime Set  - 20p

Reaper Prime Set - 15p

Rhino Prime Set  - 35p


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