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Game Stuttering Problem + Requesting Tweaks


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First of all, i HAVE actually read all the possible solutions around to eliminate the stuttering problem, but, meanwhile i have accomplished partially the mission, the damn stuttering is still there.. a lot less than before, but sometimes.. in rare situations.. it happen.. a freeze or immense lag for few seconds and then for over 3h nothing happen.. until it comes again for a few seconds.. and the cycle continue..


I have totally disabled any graphic quality setting, and i have all boosted at 101% to Performance, even in my graphic card settings...


I have already unparked my cores (did on my own, way long before playing warframe)..


I have a strong build as my PC, so i'm sure it's a "rock" for this game


Asus Z97 Pro

I7-4790K (Ock to 4.100Mhz)

Corsair XMS3 1x8GB 1600Mhz (Downclocked to 1200 for stability and power consumption)

Sapphire R9 270X
Samsung 840 Pro 256Gb (SSD)

WD Black 1TB (Single plate 1TB, not dual 500GB+500GB) (HDD)

Windows 7 Pro 64b


There is a damn way to fix it or we need to wait the new patch?




Also, for the second part of my request... there are any tweaks i can do manually on my .ini files? I would really like to disable the "death smaterialization" of the enemy bodies when they die and more graphical stuff i personally think are not necessary...

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