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Cheap Mods/parts

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Hi, I want to sell some mods and parts. If you can't see price - it mean it's 5p, but all prices are negotiable if you buy at least 2 mods.

PM ingame, post here or pm here (i will check forum twice a day) - if you can add me as a friend ingame (it's easier to find if you are online)


I'm from Poland, Europe, so hours like 6:00PM to 4AM (forum time) are night for me and i WONT be online ;-)


Warframe mods: 
Constitution x3  - 7p

Diamond skin rank 3 - 2p

Equilibrum -2p SOLD

Fast Deflection rank 3 - 2p

Flame Repellent rank 3 - 2p

Fortitude x4 - 6p

Heavy Impact- 2p


Lighting Rod rank 3 -2p

Maglev x3- 2p

Provoked x2- 2p

Rediraction rank 5 - 30p

Rush rank 4 

Stretch x11 - 3p

Sure Footed - 15p

Transient Fortitude x2 - 10p  SOLD

Undying Will - 8p

Vigor x3 - 7p

Warm Coat maxed -3p




Dead Eye - 1p

Enemy Radar x5 - 2p

Energy Siphon - 6p

Infested Impedence - 1p

Physique x6 - 4p

Pistol Scavenger x2 - 1p

Rejuvenation x4 -4p

Rifle Amp x3 - 6p

Rifle Scavenger x3 - 1p

Shield Distruptor

Shotgun Scavenger x3 - 1p

Sniper Scavenger x2 - 1p

Speed Holster x2 - 1p

Sprint Boost 



Hammer Shot x2 - 8p

Infected Clip

Malignant Force x2 - 10p

Metal Auger x5 - 3p

Point Strike rank 3

Rupture maxed x3

Shred x5 - 2p

Stabilizer x3 -2p

Tainted Mag - 8p

Vile Acceleration x7 - 4p

Vital Sense - 3p

Wildfire x8



Acclerated Blast x4 - 8p

Blaze x2 - 6p

Blunderbuss rank 3

Cleanse Infested rank 4

Critical Deceleration - 8p

Fatal Acceleration maxed

Flechette rank 4 

Frail Momentum x3 -8p

Frigid Blast - 10p

Hell's Chamber x3 - 8p

Point Blank maxed x2

Ravage x5 -2p

Shotgun spazz - 2p

Sweeping Serration rank 1 -10p

Tainted Shell x2 - 10p

Toxic Barrage x3 - 8p

Vicious Spread x3 - 10p


Other primary:
Firestorm - 14p

Thunderbolt x2

Sinister reach  - 4p



Anemic Agility x5 

Concussion Rounds maxed

Convulsion maxed

Creeping Bullseye x8 - 4p

Expel Infested rank 3 

Gunslinger - 2p

Ice Storm x10 - 6p

Lethal Torrent x5 - 6p

Magnum Force x3 - 8p

Maim - 10p

Pistol Gambit rank 3 

Seeker x3 -2p

Steady Hands x3 -2p

Stunnig Speed x4 




Corrupt charge - 12p

Energy channel x7 -3p

Focus Energy x9 - 3p

Last Sting rank 3 -3p

Melee Prowess rank 3 -3p

Power throw x4 - 2p

Quickening x3 - 2p

Reflex coil rank 3 

Rending strike x3 - 3p

Sundering strike x 17 - 2p

Virulent Scourge -7p



Bleeding Willow- 12p

Blind Justice x2 - 10p

Burning Wasp x6 - 3p

Clashing Forest x4 

Crossing Snakes x2 - 15p

Eleventh Storm x3 - 3p

Gemini Cross x7 - 3p

Gleaming Talon rank 2 - 8p

Grim Fury - 10p

Reaping Spiral x3 - 3p

Seismic Palm - 8p

Sinking Talon x2 

Sundering Weave x4 - 3p

Tranquil Cleave - 15p



Rediraction rank 7 - 70p

Regen maxed x2 - 6p

Fired up x2



Fast Deflection rank 1 -12p

Link Armor -10p

Link Shields -10p

Loyal Companion maxed - 8p

Maul rank 8 -100p

Pack Leader maxed -6p

Scavenge rank 3 - 6p



Akbronco prime BP

Akbronco link

Bo BP x2 - 3p

Bo Ornament 

Boar barrel x2 -2p

Boar receiver x5 -2p

Boltor stock x 10- 1p

Braton Barrel 

Braton Bp 

Braton receiver

Bronco barrel - 4p

Bronco BP x3 - 3p

Burston barrel

Burston receiver- 3p

Ember BP x3 - 2p

Ember helmet x9 - 1p

Ember chassis - 3p

Frost Chassis x2 - 1p

Frost Helmet- 7p

Glaive disk 

Hikou stars - 3p

Latron stock x3 -2p

Latron receiver

Lex barrel x1 

Lex BP x3 - 3p

Lec receiver x1

Loki BP x2 - 10p

Loki helmet- 12p SOLD

Mag Chassis x6- 1p

Mag BP x2 - 4p

Nyx BP- 7p  SOLD

Nyx helmet -7p SOLD

Orthos handle x4 - 3p

Paris BP 

Paris Lower limb - 2p

Paris string

Reaper BP

Reaper Handle

Rhino systems x4 -2p

Rhino Helmet- 2p

Rhino Chassis- 10p

Sicarus barrel x3 - 1p

Wyrm carapace x3 - 3p

Wyrm bp

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