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Stalker Drops Bugged


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So, I have killed Stalker yet another time, but he STILL won't drop anything other than mods. His weapons blueprints are impossible to obtain for me.


Just bad RNG luck,

Yesterday I joined a game on earth. It was a team of fresh players mr 3 and 2. One of them got a visit from Stalker - I killed him for them and he droped Despair bp. Sadly just the player that Stalker hunted stayed and collected bp. Even though I wrote in chat to the others that they can collect rare weapon bp at waypoint they didn't respond and just wen't on hacking grinner (either ignored or didn't understand english - I'm amazed how often it adds me to ppl speaking russian when I play on english server).

It's a shame that the other two didn't get it, but at least the marked one did. I remember I farmed 7 months to get my Despair Bp ;/

RNG has no mercy.

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