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Crash In Mission. T2S After Red Veil Attack Less Then Ten Min In, Crash At Sixteen Min Plus.


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We were playing a T2S (TerrickSilver, Prodtector1,DigitalImported, Shadowphase34).


First reward was a paris part (not worried about that reward)


Red Veil Team comes in, We wipe them out.


Second reward was Akbronco part (we each have way to many of them to care about it)


Third reward was Hik Prime BP ( We want that one... )


At sixteen minutes plus the screen on host (TerrickSilver) freezes for a few seconds then goes black.


Waited five minutes and game did not restore. Used Task Manager to force Warframe to close. Logged back in and team told me (TerrickSilver) I was the only one that crashed.


No one had issues with lag prior to the crash. First time for this crash, first T2S I (TerrickSilver) have hosted since U15.


Would like the Hik P Blueprint that we all lost.


More importantly want the bug exterminated. Maybe a lotus mission to kill some infested/fly/cockroach....


Will provide more details if they will help. Please e-mial my acount.

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