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Why Skana Dont Have Vandal Variant?


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We have got Lato and Braton Vandal (They sucks btw but its not the point of this topic), and I was hoping for Skana Vandal to complete the Vandal set, Wraiths have Gorgon, Vipers and Machete that makes cool Wraith Grineer set.


Vandals have Braton Vandal, Snipetron Vandal and Lato Vandal which are Tenno weapns, and instead of Skana Vandal we have got Prova Vandal, why?

Prova dont match the Vandal set, Balor Fomorian event is just around the corner so maybe we should get Skana Vandal for completing it? We have more Wraith weaponry so it would make sense why the next trophy would be Vandal


PS. Sorry for my poor English

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Vandals are specific to Corpus weapons.


This next bit is mostly speculation on my part, as I don't have a direct source to provide, but this is more or less what I believe to be correct:


This decision to make Vandals Corpus specific was made true way passed the release of the Lato and Braton Vandal, and during that early Warframe time, it was just sort of a "Special" label and it was never redacted to reflect DE deciding what weapon designs go with each faction because they are special items for promotional reasons.

The Snipetron and Braton, by design, are Corpus even though they aren't projectile based, and the Snipetron was even removed because of this idea. Again, this was sort of before DE had a set idea of what they were going for with weapons and this is why we see things like the Braton prime, Lato prime and Skana prime, because of lore reasons, they are considered Tenno weapons. Back during the Founders program, the "Prime" label was again, just sort of a special label and probably was still a WIP idea that DE was fleshing out for the future.


We sort of have a Corpus replacement for the Braton, which is the Dera.

If I'm correct in my thinking, there won't be a Skana Vandal because it will be conflicting with DE's now established ideas.

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If we assume from this point forward that Prime is for Tenno made weapons, Wraith is for Grineer, and Vandal is for Corpus, we end up with this potential list of future weapons:





Soma Prime

Sybaris Prime

Tiberon Prime

Strun Prime ( This already has a Wraith, but with Strun removed from the Grineer and being replaced with Sobek, I'm assuming it's strictly a Tenno weapon now.)

Tigris Prime

Vectis Prime

Attica Prime

Cernos Prime



Ballistica Prime

Bolto Prime (and Akbolto)

Furis Prime (and Afuris)

Magnus Prime (and Akmagnus)

Vasto Prime (and Akvasto)

Pyrana Prime

Akstiletto Prime

Akzani Prime

Castanas Prime

Kunai Prime



Karyst Prime

Kestrel Prime

Nikana Prime

Kama Prime (and Dual Kama)

Dual Skana Prime

Dual Zoren Prime

Nami Solo Prime (and Nami Skyla)

Kogake Prime

Obex Prime

Fragor Prime

Magistar Prime

Venka Prime

Galatine Prime



Carrier Prime

Shade Prime










Buzlok Wraith

Grakata Wraith

Grinlok Wraith

Hind Wraith

Karak Wraith

Ignis Wraith

Drakgoon Wraith

Hek Wraith

Sobek Wraith

Vulkar Wraith

Miter Wraith

Ogris Wraith



Kraken Wraith

Marelok Wraith

Stug Wraith

Nukor Wraith

Viper Wraith ( we already have Twin Viper Wraith)

Acrid Wraith



Halikar Wraith

Dual Cleavers Wraith

Furax Wraith

Amphis Wraith

Atterax Wraith

Jat Kittag Wraith




Dethcube Wraith









Dera Vandal

Supra Vandal

Tetra Vandal

Amprex Vandal

Flux Rifle Vandal

Glaxion Vandal

Quanta Vandal

Opticor Vandal

Lanka Vandal

Penta Vandal



Angstrum Vandal

Cestra Vandal (and Dual Cestra)

Spectra Vandal

Detron Vandal




Serro Vandal

Lecta Vandal




Helios Vandal


Note: if I didn't put it on the list then I wasn't sure exactly where it should go. Twin Gremlins is a good example of this. It's most certainly a Tenno weapon (it has a similar action of magazine feed like Soma), but can only be found by defeating the twin bosses of Hek and Ruk, suggesting it might be a Grineer weapon.




I'd also like to propose a new skin term, for the Infested's weapons; Leper. (hint, hint, DE...)


Here's the weapons that would probably qualify:



Mutalist Quanta Leper (Technically, it's still a Corpus weapon, but then again, it has been corrupted by the Infested.)

Synapse Leper

Phage Leper

Torid Leper




Tysis Leper

Embolist Leper




Mire Leper

Dual Ichor Leper

Scoliac Leper




Djinn Leper




My 0.02 cents

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