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Other Player Had Archwing Weapons Equipped On Ground Mission After Host Migration


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this was from the same session as my other post after the host migration: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/341992-other-player-was-archwing-on-ground-mission-they-crashed-and-which-followed-up-with-other-errors/


after the host migration i not only noticed that i was holding my Nikana in my left hand while still sheathed (which i will do yet ANOTHER follow up post about as it had other implication at the end of the game) but the player that survived the migration with me had Archwing weapons equipped:





this didn't affect the performance of the game like when the Archwing itself seemed to crash people when it appears on ground missions


here is a link to a thread about how cool my Nikana became shortly before the session was over:


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