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Streaming Wf



Hello Guys, im a big Fan of Warframe (well i playerd it for +1,2k h) and i want to stream this game on my twitch channel too, but i cant get a good result.

I know i only have a 1,2-,1,4Mbit Upstream but for the most other games i stream (like WoT)its fine but for warframe somehow not :/

I use OBS for my streaming and i usually use a downscale from my 1920*1080 to 1280*720 (x1,5)by 60fps  and let the x264 cpu encoder on 'fast' but if i try that by WF my pc need to much cpu (okay) so i set it on 30fps and my cpu is all fine (around 70-80% usage) but OBS just produce a randomly framerate around 24-7FPS and its just look's terribel to watch, but i cant figure out why its not produce a good framerate (My CPU and GPU are not on limit)

My current settings to have a constant Framerate whitout big stuttering is a downscale from x2 (960*540) by 30fps and 
the encoder on 'faster' so is here someone who can maybe help me out a little that i can stream warframe in a much better Quality ? And no i can't upgrade my internet.

(My Warframe runs on max settings , only physix, color correction and constan weapon trail is off and wf runs whitout vsync around 110-70FPS)

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I'd recommend setting your x264 CPU preset to very fast. If it is still dropping frames then set it to super fast. Use ultra fast if your recording's frames still drop. However, those options will drop your quality by a bit sadly. Keep in mind that I have no experience streaming with OBS, I just use it to record so this suggestion could be terrible.

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Thanks for the Help's

No i dont get in-game frame 'lags' in-game i keep my framerate at my normal but OBS produce a bad rate to streaming

I try it already and found (what's i hope) is a good setting atm (i experimate a little whit some sub settings), but i still dont understand why i can't stream on my normal settings i have for all other games :/ CPU and GPU (and streaming just are on CPU) are not on 100%, not even close. cpu chill whit streaming and WF around 60-80% so im a little clueless whats the point that OBS just cant keep up :/

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