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Add More Incentive To Finish Every World


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The highest planets such as pluto, eris, ceres, sedna, and phobos(maybe europa) are all desolate. I rarely see a single player since everyone is either doing void, archwings, or derelict for all the good gear.


The only reasons to go to high level planets are:

1. Using extractors on them

2. Being able to do alert missions on them

3. Getting the warframes from the bosses

4. Grinding syndicate points in defense/survival/interception(people can do this in void though)

5. Scanning bosses and phobos enemies for the codex(which is pointless, but thats another topic)

6?. There MIGHT be some mods specific to phobos enemies, someone confirm please?


Otherwise the resources found in those planets are easily found elsewhere.


All of those reasons aren't enough. We need a REALLY GOOD reason to go to high level places.



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