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New Alternate Helmets


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Valkyr, Zephyr, Mag and Ember...




-Valkyr: It's my favorite warframe.

-Zephyr: The Tengu helmet is HORRIBLE and i barely use the Cierzo.

-Mag: Both alt helmet are horrible and i'm not even going to talk about the Mag Prime helmet...

-Ember: Both default helmets (Ember Prime and non-primed Ember) are good, but can we get other?


I would like to see other for Excalibur too, maybe other for Frost?

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I'd want one for Vauban 


his 2 helms look too weird


And 1 for mag

I agree--Vauban's helmets are bad.  The original makes him look like he's got a train on his neck, the Esprit makes him look like he's hydrocephalic, and the Gambit one makes him look like he just stumbled out of future San Francisco.  Especially when he's wearing a Syndana.


I'd like another helmet for Mag, to make up for the Coil helmet.  I can't help but see her as an ant with that thing on.


The other one I'd like to see a different helmet for would be Nova.  Her helmets look really good from some angles, but at others they're atrocious.  The Quantum one has this huge forehead that kind of gives her a Pachycephalosaurus look.  The Flux one reminds me of a woman with curlers, and the Slipstream one reminds me of a tricked-out George Foreman grill.  The flames effects on all of them are great, however.


Volt's Storm helmet is bad as well.


I don't mean to knock the designers--they're doing better than I would, that's for sure.  I really like the rest of the helms...but those aforementioned eight just burn my eyes.

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