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Broken Foundry


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Hey - Hope this found the correct place for this bug.


2 days ago I tried to build a new batch of vapor spectres. (If It matters I switched frames from the original spectre recipe).

I clicked to preserve the old build, then clicked build. Nothing happened. I decided to wait before finding out that repeatedly clicking meant I spent more mats than needed. I came back after a mission, this time instead of confirming the build, it gave me a pop up saying "Unknown Error" Descriptive right?


I shrugged it off waited a day. Still unkown error.


now day 3... I cant build anything in my foundry. It asks me to confirm the build, I click yes.. Nothing happens.. No matter how many restarts of computer, steam or warframe... the bug seems to continue.


Is there a cache I clear.. or something?


Thanks for the help!


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