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Strange Liset Visual Bug


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After switching my game from [Fullscreen Windowed] to [Fullscreen], the my playermodel and the interior of the Liset bugged out. I really am not sure how to describe this in only words, so I started taking screenshots from various locations and angles:

Looking toward the starchart from the top of the ramp.


Looking toward the codex from the top of the ramp.


Looking toward the market from the top of the ramp.


Looking down the ramp into the lower level.

Looking at Kubrow from the bottom of the ramp.


While the Kubrow was moving, something seemed really odd about its fur. This screenshot doesn't show it well, though. It does, however, show something odd about the eyes and nose.

From this angle, other issues with the Kubrow can be seen.

Looking at the Foundry from the bottom of the ramp.

Close-up of the Arsenal.

Looking up the ramp from the Arsenal.

While my model wasn't visible, a outline of sorts was. This outline seemed to be related to the elemental lighting effect of my melee weapon (corrosive). Also, the elemental lighting effects from my weapon were visible on some surfaces.



Strangely enough, this visual bug persisted for several minutes, but suddenly ended when I walked up to the foundry without actually interacting with it, and everything went back to normal.

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