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Please Help, Water "splash" In The Void Very Broken (Possible Bug?)


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Edit: This has been resolved, thanks for the help Cyborger1 and Ace_Kayo!


I'm not sure what caused this, but I did optimize Warframe from the launcher recently, and now my first time back in the void has glitched "splashing" animations.



This is when I first noticed something fishy...


So I gathered more screenshots for good measure.




I really hope someone can either help me fix this or that this gets patched soon.

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What is your graphics card and what did you do in the launcher?


If I had to take a wild guess, its graphical artifacts from either something the card doesn't support well or the card is over heating. That or if you push something like Intel integrated graphics too far, I've seen these kind of errors happen.


Although it could also be like a memory error in the graphics card, but that is less likely if it is this specific of a graphical error.


edit: Cyborger1 has a good point, try that first.

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Currently I have a NVIDIA 9800GTX (I think). I'll check "Verify" on the launcher and see what turns up. Thanks for the help so far, I'll update this after verification.


Edit: Looks like verifying fixed it up, thanks for the help and suggestions you super sleuths!

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