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Syndicate Reputation +/- Don't Add Up.


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OK let's explain a bit :


i've supported only suda and arbiters


arbiter : 0 (+5000+22000)

suda : 16816 (+5000)

red veil -1152 (-5000 -22000)

perin -6465 (-5000)

loka -5542 (-5000)


you know that what you gain you lost it elsewhere, so the total should be 0 but

+/- ->


- 50159

I've lost 1343 positive points.


Where ? when i reach a positive rank, the point i add over the limit were lost. but there were not lost for the opposed faction.



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indeed fail to see the problem





Break down though, cause I support the same two groups..



Hexis and Suda have no gurge against Steel. so their rep never changes.   Hexis and Suda both hate Red, so thats double points going into making them hate you.  with Loka and Perrin being hated by um whichever xD.    so thats just half points going to them depending on which sigil you run with.  


Regardless.  Running in support of Hexis and Suda will make 3 groups hate you.  with one being neutral.\





You don't need to increase your rank in a syndicate for the syndicate that hates you to do the same.  When you get enough points for them to upgrade their hate, they will upgrade on their own :3

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The syndicates that hate you go to their next "hate" tier as soon as you get enough negative points.

But the syndicates that you want to upgrade do not go to the next level automatically, they wait for you to make the sacrifice and at this point you DO NOT earn any standing.


That made the syndicates that hate you grow more negative reputation.

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It is intended that you don't earn standing points if you haven't upgraded your syndicate relation. It's not wasting xp, it's encouraging you to do the sacrifice asap so you have no waste. I don't thnk it's a problem you should warn about.

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