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Defense Ui Freeze At Extract/battle Choice Screen


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As you'll see in the image, the UI is bugged showing each player as "NAME" and during this I couldn't select any options. Not everyone was affected, as everyone left but me and one other, the other being one who got past the screen, and continued playing. I got to the next decision point (Wave 15) and I was still completely stuck, it just overlayed the same menu again.

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This has been happening to me over the weekend as well, the extract or battle UI gets placed "on top" and gets stuck there.  Tried clicking, pressing various keyboard keys, only "t" for chat seems to work, Esc does nothing.


I was in the Earth Archwing interception when this happened most recently.  My group was able to complete the next wave despite me not being able to do anything.  I died in the process and when the "revive or forfeit" screen came up I was unable to make a selection as the "extract or battle" screen was still stuck in place.  When that wave finished I was able to select "extract" however I received the "migrating host" notification and loaded into the next wave still being dead.  The "extract or battle" UI was finally gone and was able to select "forfeit" from the death menu.  When I was back on the Liset the mission was marked and counted as a failure.



Edit:  I have some screenshots, but forum isn't giving me any options to insert an image or to create a link.

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Experiencing the same issue. Some additional information:

- The host of the game doesn't have this issue. He can choose to continue or extract.

- While this 'bugged' window is active, the next wave just starts, but the player experiencing this bug is unable to play (can't get away from that screen).

- When this happens and the host extracts, the next wave is automatically started. The bugged UI disappears and you can fight. However, in my experience it suddenly changes your current weapons visually into the Archwing variants (got screenshots of this).

- When the original host leaves and you fight on with the remaining (bugged) people, the bugged UI does not reappear for the host, but does for the 2 remaining players.


Hope this gets fixed ASAP since it's quite game-breaking in the higher tier missions!

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