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Wts Various Warframe + Weapon Mods, And Primes! Tethra Set

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Stuff For Sale! The prices listed are what I want for these items, but I'm open to negotiations, offers and such. Feel free to bargain with me, I don't bite :)


If I'm not online, feel free to send a PM on forums! Be sure to include what time you will be on, and I'll try to meet you around that time


I'm also looking to buy Scindo blade for 25p! BOUGHT



Cicero Event Mod Set - 15p

Maxed Tethra Event Mod Set - 650p  


Warframe Mods

Continuity - 5p  SOLD

Flow       - 5p

Fortitude  - 5p

Intensify  - 5p

Narrow Minded - 13p

Streamline - 4p

Transient Fortitude - 25p


Aura Mods

Enemy Radar - 10p

Energy Siphon - 10p

Loot Detector - 10P

Physique - 8P

Rejuvenation - 10P

Steel Charge - 10P


Rifle Mods

Bane of Corpus - 3p

Bane of Grineer - 3P

Shred - 4P

Split Chamber - 14p

Thunderbolt - 14p

Vile Acceleration - 15p


Pistol Mods

Hollow Point - 8p

Lethal Torrent - 8p

Magnum Force - 8p

Pistol Ammo Mutation - 12p


Melee Mods

Berserker - 15p

Focus Energy - 5p

Jagged Edge - 10p

Life Strike - 15p

Spoiled Strike - 15p


Stance Mods

Blind Justice - 10p

Cleaving Whirlwind - 13p

Crossing Snakes - 13p

Eleventh Storm - 4p

Flailing Branch - 13p

Iron Phoenix - 13p

Pointed Wind - 13p

Seismic Palm - 13p


Archwing Mods

Hyperion Thrusters - 30p


Sentinel Mods

Coolant Leak - 15p

Fired Up - 9p

Self Destruct - 5p



Boltor Prime Set - 35p  SOLD

Latron Prime Set - 10p

Dakra Prime Set  - 20p

Reaper Prime Set - 15p

Rhino Prime Set  - 40p


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