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Hikou Prime, And Scindo Prime Newbie Question



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Hi guys just wondering is hikou prime and scindo prime worth getting and worth puting orokin catalyst in?

Thanks for the answers in advance

If you have the Cleaving Whirlwind stance for axes, I'd definitely recommend getting a Scindo Prime. Totally worth a catalyst.

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Scindo Prime I'm not really impressed with. The first thing I did after the buff was throw on a full damage build and the Manticore skin and go to T3 void Exterminate. I was not impressed. I also hate trying to hit things with it's underhanded jump attack (though it does look cool!).


Hikou Prime was a lot of fun and is very easy to apply damage with. I actually like the accuracy reducing corrupted mod on it because you get this really nice shotgun effect for spraying into crowds/fog with that little bit of a trajectory on it helping get random headshots.

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