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De Conspiracy


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So, there's apparently been a "bug" around for ages that I just found out about 10 minutes ago. It involves missions being renamed "Talus Sector." This Talus Sector supposedly doesn't exist, but...


It obviously does exist in the coding. Why, though? Why do missions fall back to this? Well, this just occurred to me.


Another name for a talus deposit is a "Scree."


Scree. What does that remind me of? Hm...




The one. The only.


Coincidence? I think not.


Now, about Skree...


Who is he? No one knows who he is, but he plays an important role in the development. Why is a reference to him hidden within the very structure of Warframe?


Remember during Devstream 40, the Halloween one, when the Pyramid Head showed up? You know who that was, right? Skree.


Secrets hidden inside the framework of a system? Pyramids? You know what that sounds like to me.




DE confirmed for illuminati.


Here's the recent thread that alerted me to this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/342306-so-talus-sector-is-still-in-the-game/

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Skree was actually shown in the first Sound livestream as someone with the first name of Cole. Can't remember his last name.


Skree is a level designer who doubles as a (awesome) voice actor that is used for a great deal of characters in Warframe, for example, he is Captain Vor, Alad V, the Corpus Capture Target, General Sargas Ruk, and probably more.

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