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Where To Farm Cleaving Wirlwind?



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long haul ods? What mission is that?

ODS means Orokin Derelict Survival. Long-haul is an american colloquialism (slang term) for a big, long, or time-consuming commitment.


Basically he means do a long ODS.


Cleaving Whirlwind drops from Ancient Disruptors. I got one from Dark Sectors, but I think they'd be lower level and thus easier to beat on regular ODS missions.


Alternatively you could try getting it through Transmutation. I believe it's a D polarity, so if you fuse 4 rare D polarity mods, then I think you'll have a higher chance of getting a rare D polarity mod from it. Do be warned, Transmutation is a potential credit sink (i.e. takes a ton of credits) and you may end up with little to show for it.

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You can buy the blueprint for the keys and make then yourself, or alternatively join a group in the Recruitment channel.


I'd recommend going with a group of players because it gets quite challenging at the time stamp where Disruptors really start to appear in big numbers.

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