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Small Buff For Detron.


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"During the reload animation, a pack of 6 energy cells is ejected from the gun, although, the Detron has only the capability of firing 5 rounds before reloading. This pack can be found on the floor after reloading."
In my opinion, it would be fair to give Detron a Mag of 6, and a Status chance of %15.
Note that i am not asking for a damage buff, just a small change.

I wonder why Detron have such a small magazine, when it's a energy based weapon...

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Why would anyone do that? It's not even a good pistol, let alone too good. It probably should get a damage buff.

Anyway +1 on the OP.

Ya, it really should. I was sad that we didn't get it during the event, at least until I compared the stats. 30% less damage than Brakk and 34% less attack speed, lower crit.. For being an elemental weapon its status should at least be higher than the Brakk.

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I feel the detron needs to be at least roughly strong as the braak seeing as both are weapons that need to be farmed from enemys with low spawn chances. The fact that one does half the damage at double the forma level for some reasion despite having similar other stats, is frankly stupid.

Example:  I threw together a build where I got my detron doing 25k damage at 6 formas.

                Then i did the exact same build on a braak, and it did 50k at 3 formas.


This usualy would be the point where people would start waving nerf bats around demanding the braak be 'fixed".

However I love both weapons, and I feel they both should be awsome.

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