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The Neverending Crash


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I have been having a serious issue with crashes lately. It seems every time I enter the game, the liset, or a mission I have an 85% chance of warframe crashing. Though it does not always crash the same way.


Sometimes the whole game just crashes and the error reporter shows up.


Sometimes it crashes and it says my drivers failed, which I just updated and having the same issue.  


Sometimes it crashes, my lock screen flashes in for half a second then I am left looking at my desktop. I can still hear whats going on and can only see my background with no way to interact with anything but my taskbar. Desktop is a no-go on that last one.


Oh and all but the first will not have the Error reporter appear.


Warframe is the only game that behaves like this on my computer and I have no idea why. It does not seem to matter at what point in the game I am. Whether its the start of, end of, or in between missions


I have checked all of my drivers, defragged and optimized everything, and even restarted several times because I have been left with no option.





UPDATE: I solved the issue. I recently updated my drivers and the update was more unstable than the older version. Rolled back to the older and can now play again

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Youre not alone in this. Warframe is being a whiny Grineer b**** and keeps crashing when the action gets intense or rewards get nice...but when I spent whole afternoon helping my low level friend do basic missions well look, no errors.
I do one Archwing mission, welp time to crash :|
Getting really tired of your S#&$ Corpus.....

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I am having the exact same problem since the last patch. How the hell can I correct it? I tried everything that Vikhart did to correct the problem and still getting the crash syndrome.Also I am experiencing everything that Vikhart minus updated drivers.

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im also having the same problems. i have two of my friends join not to long ago we are starting up on saturn and we get into the heavy of it. and i freeze up and then my game crashes. it never happen before untill they update mesa. but yet they are still going for some reason and are not having problems. iv tryed everything to fix this. steam directly from warframe even turned my firewall off reinstalling it. then i tryed  chanigng my settings on my computer for best proformence still crashing. never had problems with game till that update. was hoping there next hotfix would fix it but nope :/ n i love playing this game. i use ash warframe n tryed using loki still happen on both even used differnt weapons.  some missions i can make it all the way threw. but any missions on earth i cant do. 3 missions on saturn 2 on jup.  n any arc wing misson i crash n they need help getting theres n i cna thelp them hell i cant even load into the arc wing.

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