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How To Train Your Drahk


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So yeah not only have I mentioned that the Ceres defense missions are bugged, the Drahks are bugged there as well. I used Shadows of the Dead on them, and they would reanimate. Like, from the color of my energy they would literally return to life, flesh and all, and will still attack hostile units. And they would also last until killed. NOtice how they're still up and around even though I don't have SotD active. Praise Tenno Jebus.

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Nah, SotD'd Drahkmasters don't summon Drahks.


This I dont know, but I'm inclined to agree with Kthal. When playing as Nyx and I mind control a master any dogs he summons while under my control stays until killed and are my own personal killing squad. 

This sounds similar.


P.s. Please dont "fix" this DE, it's alot of fun having 10+ dogs running around mauling my enemies.

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