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Nuto Warframe Concept


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Since I am Russian, I'm asking you to sorry me for my english...


NOTE: This warframe will be a higest challenge to DE if they will try to make him, because of insane mechanics.


Nuto - waframe, that have the power to control gravitation. His abilities give him extreme mobility and control over the enemies.


Basic Stats:

Shield:    75

Health:   150

Armor:    220

Energy:  100

Speed:   0.95

Stamina: 100


Role: Crowd Control, Support




1) Polarity Switch

Description: Nuto can control gravity to switch its polarity under his legs, allowing him to move unimmaginable ways

What-does-it-do: Allows Nuto to move on walls and ceiling


- Stick to nearby wall/ceiling after jump

- Can be casted airbone

- Consumes 3~1 energy per second

- Camera horizont  changes as well

- Radius of sticking ~ 2-3 meters with particles moving onto directed object of sticking.

- When sticked , acts like normaly standing on the floor (can shoot, jump, melee, etc.)

- Not affecting bullet falloff direction (it's still falling towards the floor)

- When there is no walls/ceiling to stick within stick range, he just falling down on the floor and the camera horizon switches to normal. Meanwile, power doesn't deactivate by self, so you can find anoter wall and just jump on it.

- Can't stick to "active" doors

- Stops him from regenirating energy.

- Slows the movement of Nuto from 0.5x multiplayer on rank 0, to none at max rank.


2) Gravity Blast.

Description: Nuto powers exeeds any natural force, creating a zone of abnormal gravitation for an instant.

What-does-it-do: After a short delay, creates a column of gravitation in a pointed area, pulling enemies to its source.


- Delay time ~ 0.3 seconds

- Can be created at floor, walls and ceilings.

- Direction of the pull is perpendicular to the surface on wich it is created. 

- Can't pull through walls/floors

- Affected enemies are downed

- Radius of the column is ~3-5 meters. Affected by power range mods

- Height of the column is ~15-25 meters. Affected by power range mods

- Have no duration. Only gives a momentum to targets.

- Airbone enemies, affected by the column, will get an impact damage, based on height AND momentum. Also works, if enemy hit the ceiling.

- Momentum streight is affected by power streight mods.

- Most bosses are not affected


3) Zero Point.

Description: Nuto abilities supress the gravity affection in area around him, making enemies defenceless.

What-does-it-do: Creates satic area around Nuto, that completly removes gravitation.


- Keeps momentum (not create one) in the area

- Sphere-type area (Radius-?)

- Has duration, affected by power duration mods

- Can be casted airbone

- Affects enemies and allies

- Polarity switch is surpasses area effect (if you jump, you will be pulled back on surface)

- Bullet falloff (if exists) also is removed in the area.


4) Overgravitaton

Description: Nuto rises gravitation rate around him to extremely dangerous point, dealing damage and slowing all enemies inside of it

What-does-it-do: Banshee-alike skill, but with column-type area in short.


- On cast deals heavy (up too 1500) magnetic damage and downing all enemies inside

- Over time deals moderate (up too 300) magnetic damage per second and slows enemies up to 80-85%

- Have recast cooldown around 5-12 seconds, which is not affected by any mods.

- Airbone enemies will get heavy damage, affected by height and momentum (same as 2 skill, but stronger). Also they are pulled towards the bottom of the zone.

- Can be casted, while on walls/celling, but energy consumtion on cast and per second is doubled. This also changes direction of pull.

- 100 energy on cast, 15 energy per second (wich means, that you can use it only on floor, if you have not appropriated mods)


Well, hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to make your suggestions, it will be appreciated!


P.S. If anyone, who can draw, read this, I beg you...


Note:"Nuto" is misrepresented "Newton", reference to Isaac Newton.

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