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Anti Trading Cap


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ok here i am with enough to trade but no trades left cause im a freaking noob

didnt find an idea topic so i post it on feedback general

i know yall the warframe team propably aint affraid to make more money

i know all players might considder more trades todo


so here i come with a solution


make it possible to buy with platinum ;)

yeah? you ready for it ?:P


unlimited trades for a certain amount of time




18 platinum 3hours unlimited trades

30 platinum 9hours unlimited trades

60 platinum 1day unlimited trades

100 platinum 3days unlimited trades

300 platinum 2weeks unlimited trades

and so on


wouldnt this be great?

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Why not just level up instead :/


Are you still new?

If you are, then just rank up your mastery level. Your trades cap will increase that way.

After getting high mastery rank you'll have more trades available than you'll actually use.

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Like others said mastery is the way to go.

I trade regularly and I almost never use up all my daily trades.

Besides, buying them with plat would be somewhat counter productive, chances are if you trade enough to reach your cap then you are probably trading to make plat in the first place.

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I'm not big into trading and buying but i still think this is a terrible idea for many reasons, the main reason of trading is to make plat without spending real money or getting that extremly rare part which RNG has cheated you out of.  If you introduce this system, you say it will help low level players but in fact it will make playing the game useless i mean if you can take a packet of chewing gum and turn it into gold you must be extremely lucky or really good at bartering but that's just an example.

A general low level player will play the game to get parts and slowly grow his arsenal but if you put this trading system in place the player will no longer play the game for parts as instead he will play the trading game where you turn nothing into something, with unlimited trades he is able to get everything he wants without touching the main meat of the game and thats going around killing stuff and collecting parts.

I can understand that you want to trade more but if you just rank up you can easily get enough trades for the day and if that isnt enough for you and you're running out too fast then you can wait a day right?

This is just my 2 cents

TL;DR: I think its a bad idea and makes people rely on wallets rather than play time.

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