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The Legend....


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November 7th.


It was that day. I shall never forget it.... When I first heard the hushed whispers of the legendary Prodman...Yes, how astonishing it was. To hear of a mere man, draped in Green whose face was covered by a solid helm, strike down Phorid all by his lonesome....A mere Corpus prodman by the name of John. John Prodman. 


The legend is now engraved in my memory and a new primal urge has come upon me...The urge to challenge the being to a duel using only my own Prova...Then my Fists when the electricity runs dry.


Now, my fellow Tenno. I must ask; who else will search high and low for the Legend? Who else will challenge him, as I will, when you come across him? And lastly, Who else will face an Honorable Death when if they fall at the hands of the Legend? I know I will. 


Alas! Think me not as a fool, but as a man with Motivation! Motivation to Find and Challenge The Legendary John Prodman.



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The Avatar of Prodding doesn't lower himself to these petty squabbles. His strenghts and power, his code of honor, his very being, all of these things compel him to fight only for a greater cause. 


To stop the cursed incarnation of a twisted virus, to protect the whole Origin System, to defend the Weak and punish the Wicked. That is what the Corpus bearing the name of John Prodman, the all-father and master of Cattle-gears, has dedicated his very life to. (Though some blasphemer had depicted him in less decorous circumstances with female specimen of cattle-humans hybrids.)


To fight him, to do battle against his person, means nothing but steal his time from a mission that surpass in noblesse any amount of martial honor.


Do you really desire to seek him, to distract him from his sacred mission, for such a trivial and egoist reason?


Shame on you.


-a Voice from the Void.

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Message sent on: November 8th/Neptunian calender

[Helium Collection Platform number REDACTED], Neptune/REDACTED Hemisphere

Receiver: [Pometheus]


It has come to our attention that you are attempting to commit suicide through instigating a celebrated hero among our circles. We have the ability to offer you the same service for a small price, as the One you seek has quite the schedule to keep and has no time for your trivial affairs. When you are ready, drop by our planet at your earliest convenience. We are more than happy to comply with your desired service.

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