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Auction Ended.

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HIInterested asami & rojizo .... would you accept a legendary core for any of them?

I may accept rare 10rank maxed mod or two, depends on which mod and which dog. But dont wanna pay tax for leg core.

Also, whats "rojizo"?

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sorry, is Reddish XD   Then you accept the core Legendary ? http://k32.kn3.net/4/7/4/6/E/B/A38.jpg

I'm sorry, no. I would take maxed mod like hyperion thrusters or heavy caliber(or any other rare maxed 10rank usefull mod) as offer. But core itself - no, because it needs 1mil credits to pay as tax for it, and i dont want lose that much credits for something that equal maxed rare 10rank mod that need only 8k credits tax.

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Aaaaaaaaand auction ended.


I withdraw korra from auction, cause no one bid for her. Other kubrows can be claimed by their respective owners anytime, just catch me online, and ill pm every winner just in case. Also if no response in 48 hours, then i'll keep dog to myself.

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