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A Porcupine/hedgehog Frame?


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Just a thought, but I really want to see a frame That's a cross between a Hedgehog and Porcupine.



It could have a flexible flap on its back that would be like a floppy turtle shell, and it would have razer sharp quills on it.


One ability could be shooting them out all around, another could be the quills will stick up more and enemies that get to close take bleed damage. You can think of the rest, my thoughts don't matter.





15 March 2015...



After dapo posted his comment, I started to think it would be better to edit this. My spelling is crap, but if you don't like it, don't post.


The "floppy turtle shell" thing didn't make much sense, so... a hedgehog can pull it's skin up over their feet and stuff to "roll into a ball", witch is kind of what I meant by that; But in warframe it would be more of a... um... unfolding shell? something that would allow him to curl up into a ball but still be round, like a samus morph ball, but it would have spikes and maybe be more wheel like. The spikes would be of porcupine fashion, but not as big as what they would be if it were a porcupine as big as a human and have the same amount as a hedgehog and can be made flat-ish as if it were a shell.


I can't draw so it's kind of up to you to imagine it in your head.


It would be more of a defensive frame with  return damage type stuff that would revolve more around puncture and slash damage and would have an ability that would deal impact damage if his quills were retracted to a flat shield shape and puncture/slash damage if extended, more of a head butt/ high speed charged spinning ball of pain type move that would have an alternate use while in the air to crash into the ground causing a huge shake to knock down and damage enemies, but have a slightly different effect if quills are out, like you would have more damage on direct hits (kill most enemies outright with massive damage witch is useful against bosses and such) but if you miss you get a penalty of YOU take a little damage and are stunned or stuck in the ground by you quills (damage 90% chance and 60-70% self damage, decreases with every level in fusion, stunned 100% chance and decreases with every level in fusion) and when you activate it, it creates a kind of anti gravitational field that hold you there for about a second or a second and a half and blasts you in the direction that you aim, but if you aim it up in any way above the x axis of the center of the field it would cause you to not go as far and maybe slow  a lot to a point where you kind of just plummet but you can use it to get across gaps or to a platform that's lower or a little to far out of your jump range if your desperate. It could be the first frame to have more than just four abilities in their arsenal?


I don't know. You can spit as many ideas as you want, I don't care.


Hoped that helps.











I'm going to abandon this topic. I'm not planning on coming back to the forms. It's just like my normal life; No one likes me, no one cares, no one likes my ideas, and they hate me when I come out of hiding, ignore me, or ruin my dreams. Every one who doesn't do that say I have a great imagination, but what use is it if I can't share it. I have a hard time communicating, and explaining things to others, and can't finish what I start. No one cares enough to help or aid me. I know that no one likes me and that I'm not accepted or will ever be accepted, so I never leave my house. I'v stopped posting on any forms that I care about or have ever cared about. My life is me, sitting in a dark corner watching as people have fun and laugh and do stuff with friends. I'm ignored by everybody, friends, family, even the loneliness of of my own mind doesn't help in any way. Animals have always loved me and are always there for me. I don't even have a meaning in life besides being something for people to take their anger out on or get in the way or cause trouble. nothing matters to me anymore; I have nothing that I wan't that I could ever possibly have. I don't even love myself. How could anyone love me? I tried to open up to the world, but it never ends happily. I'm going back to avoiding people if I can.


If any one likes this topic and wan'ts to see it succeed, I give them permission to re-post this idea and make it their own. I have no need to have credit or continue with this post myself, so I don't need to stop you.


Good bye forms.

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