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Ciocholas Recruitment


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Hello we are recruiting new members here are the requirements:


NONE there are no requirements to join the clan the only thing i ask for is to be somewhat active and contribute when needed.


We are small clan 9 members 6 of the members have been gone for awhile now but they have told me they won't be on because they have been busy so really its like a 3 member clan. We have most research done only some newer items and a couple older items need researched. We have trading post, obstacle course, and dueling arena.


I want to get some clan activities started with more new recruits like tournaments and who can do obstacle course the fastest. We are a clan that is about helping each other so if you need help with void missions or other missions we can help you.


If you want more info or invite leave a reply or send me a friend request in the game.

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