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We Need Evacuvate Pod And Fail Protect Protocol .


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Today I lost 45+ R5 Core ,1 Nyx P bp ,3 Forma bp,1 Lex bp, 1 Bo ornament ,2 Cell ,2 Pistol rare mod l ,and alot rare mod and I think its already in server log . and a stuff is not record in server log is my time around 1.30 hour for it . Its all came from 2 Fail mission . First fail mission is wave 41 T4D,Secound fail mssion is just around 25 Min from T4S . 

                   First fail Came from bug. We in good team . nova,loki,nyx,frost .Host form party very carefuly  only R10+ ppl . but I think its bug by me . I use ammo supply for team during turn in screen .. 2 ppl is come to step on it for resupply  and said they got bug on something and disconnect.  and other 1 is not got bug not read what i said. He think we still in team couz He saw them choosen stay before they said bug and disconnect. so its turn to fail mission .and to DEV team please test and fix this bug . this is a bug report too . !#@!#!@


                  Second fail is simplify thing and its always happen . Host is disconnect . and I got return to ship. summary screen show a result from last mission . and same thing is always happen. I not got anything from it . 


                  I know i asking too much now in a previos topic. I asking for galting gun , I asking about separate damage dot from Damage/Affinity number option and In my "Dream" topic I asking about tons of stuff enough to make someone go chaos . But .... Well.... I think this is more important than everything and its too urgent..its very .. impact. 


                Everytime is it happen . ppl feel upset . flame warframe ,flame host . and logout with angry go play other stuff.I dont mind to say here. I upset too . but Its always happen since beging of  it . so I just dot dot dot in my mind about it. 


                       This mission fail is ruin warframe. Its not player fault .If its fail couz they insist to fight hard mob and wanna play mission impossible . I dont think they will get bad mood and disapointed . couz Its they fault. But its fail by Bug,Crash,Or Host fault and Maybe Host will shout back with angry " my cilent is crash #@!#!@# . too....


                        I asking about Back up protocol and Evacuvate pod. Like .. When 2 ppl disconnect from Def mission then its trigger evac plan .  Evacuvate pod will hit the void. ground shake and open hatch . and Lotus call us and said We can decide to stay or not and In Survival mission. When host crash . We still got mod and exp . and for not make ppl expolit. its for VOID only .



                     Couz Void rule already protect it self. Defend Void cant invite ppl back after wave 5 or first turn in . and

Survival Cant invite anyone after trigger alarm . and If think about ruin concept of game couz wanna make it exciting. 

at least payment a half of it!! its  good than Fail and not got anything like atm . 


PS :Thank you for read my poor english  ;( ,FIx Ammo supply bug too !

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Or just give us a continous progress save so I dont know, we dont lose 5 fusion cores, 3 archwing mods etc because the game decided to crash.
Its just not cool nor motivating to play. Why should I spent 30 minutes playing a mission if I lose the rewards anyway.

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