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Playstation4 U15



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Pretty much so far according to DE, submission to cert is around mid November, which is around this coming week, so hopefully it will be sent to cert soon, then maybe another week to week and a half for cert. So hopefully PS4 will have U15 around the end of November to early December.

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There has been news, they stated on the last dev stream/live stream that they are aiming for this coming week to submit it, so I would say 2 more weeks for XBone and PS4 give or take a day or two, based on the information we have been given.  I am assuming we will probably get 15.1. something, however since it isn't sent off to cert yet, if the PC drops 15.2 this week on wednesday, it's possible maybe we will get that?  It just depends.  It is coming for sure though!

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