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Overlay Minimap Disabled And Toggle Broken On *joined (Not Hosted) Games Only/always*


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Since update 15.1, possibly related to the new 'Prefer Overlay Map' feature, we see the following:


When i host missions, the minimap is correctly started in overlay mode. the minimap toggle works correctly.


When i join in on a mission in progress (even if it's 5 seconds in on an alert or something), the minimap is locked in the top-left non-overlay position, and hitting the toggle key does not work.


In such situations, i've been completely locked out of the overlay map, however in rare circumstances where the original host disconnects/leaves, and the host migration switches to having me as the host, then i recover minimap toggle functionality.



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So it seems that this problem only occurs if you activated the new feature 'Prefer Overlay Map'


Now i realize, DE, that you probably didn't do this on purpose. The dev responsible probably turned on the feature, launched a game on their dev system and validated that it worked, sweet, feature complete. I work in software so i get how this works. If the dev in question could just please spend 5 minutes to join someone else's game with the feature 'prefer overlay' turned on, they should be able to repro.


That aside, from the player/end user perspective: this is a seriously troll move. Let's take a feature that is off by default, forcing players to toggle it on every game. Then later, give the players an option to have it ON by default, but in so doing, disables the feature entirely. You want overlay minimap? really? really? HAHA NO YOU CANT HAVE IT.


My 2c. I still love warframe and i love you guys. please fix this :)

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