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Breaking Rare Crates Causes Progress To Not Save


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I've come across this three times but I haven't figured out the cause until now.

Claiming the rewards of the crate will cause my progress to not save. In this particular recent case, it was a Syndicate Exterminate mission.


Contents of the crate:

30-minute booster (Do not recall which one, though I don't think either one would have made a difference.)

Rare 5 Fusion core

1 Fieldron

~1204 credits


EDIT: I found another crate, avoided the green orb (which is the booster) and my progress was able to be saved.


Do NOT pick up the booster if you already have one, as it will render the mission obsolete

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It doesn't happen 100% of the time it seems, but most of the time, yes it breaks progress being saved.  But It did just happen to me again.  Its so damn annoying.  Almost every time it happened to me it is in a Syndicate mission or nightmare mission.  My guess is that they work just fine in normal missions, but when there is an abnormal rewards from completing the mission (syndicate standing, nightmare mods etc.) then it breaks.  At least from my personal experience that seems to be the case.

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The first time I've encountered this problem was in the void. A friend and I had stumbled upon a secured crate (which I believe serves relatively the same function as a rare crate) containing Akstilleto research, a forma, an R5 core (I think), a 60 minute booster, and plenty of credits.


My friend had received everything from the mission while I did not. They did not have a booster active, while I did.

It's possible that it only garners unsaved progress if it's a booster of the same type.

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It's not really game breaking. You can take precautionary measures to ensure that you don't lose all progress from a mission. It only occurs if you have a booster active.


Plus, the chances of finding a rare crate are statistically slim.

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