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48K Rep On Eris :)


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My name is SevenDuece and I represent Thirteen Thirty Seven Shadow Clan in Warframe. I was inspired by my friend's thread (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/342240-20k-rep-on-eris/) and recently achieved 48K rep on Eris in just 4 rounds. Not many people believe me but I was able to screenshot the results. 




We were running two Limbos, an Excalibur, and a Hydroid.


Enjoy Tenno. :)

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with a booster*


these numbers are hilarious, because it's just tricking the Sheep into thinking you're doing something special.


if you spend upwards of the better part of an Hour in each Round, ofcourse you get a lot of XP.

i don't understand why people take only 1 point

if you advance to the next round faster=more exp per enemy

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Cafe(SevenDeuce) and Jefe(Dr_Who) can confirm that I was the Hydroid in that match.

Although, I got more kills than Cafe, oddly.


Just spammed our abilities when needed, really. Most of us had Warframe in Windowed mode while we did something else xD

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what a constructive way to spend time *rolls eyes* better be careful we dont want the gameplay to get too exciting ! we dont want too much meaningless rep points or barely useful rewards extremegamers4lyfe9000+!1

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Quick question, how long did you drag each round out for?

A "perfect" run with one point captured will net you just over 9k rep on the first round (booster)

Assuming the Eximus rates increase as fast as I think they do, you should be able to pull that off in 4 perfect one cap rounds, which would take 40-60 mins to do.

Am I right?

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inb4 all interception points are taken by the faction at the beginning of the mission and you have to force capture all of them or you will lose the mission

u can still just take all of them until u have more % then let them take 2 again

but u wont get as much points

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It doesn't really matter the rounds, all you have to do is let all capture points neutral and you could go forever, you can get 100k, 200k, 300k... rep in just 1 round if you have the time for it.


+ the coverage of capture point in old Viver


the reason as to change in position of capture point in Viver i guess?

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