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Enemy Spawn Issue With 4 Players In Survival


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I did some T2 Void Survival with some friends over the last couple of days. We played in different configurations (1-4 players) and noticed that the Enemy Spawn seems to be completely messed up as soon as we where 4 players. For 1-3 players we got constant Enemy Spawns with groups of different sizes. With 4 players we got some issues. Enemies started to spawn only in very small numbers at once and spawn times seem to be far longer compared to 3 players. We tried different things, split up to search for Enemies or stay together in hope that they might spawn in bigger groups a bit closer, nothing helped. Overall it looks like the spawn logic for Enemies messes up as soon as we get 4 players inside, preventing Enemies from spawning, resulting in very small groups with larger time between spawns.

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