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Unable To Banish Syndicate Hit Squad?


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I was using Limbo as the New Loka Ancients came. I thought I was safe enough to be in the rift and planned to 1 on 1 them all. 


But it turns out they were not able to be banished - "Invalid Target" and they could still hurt me even I was in the rift....not sure was it the blast aura or the life leech one coz it was such a chaos. Glad I had teammates there to rip them out.




1 hit squad unable to be banished , 

2. hit squad can damage players in rift


are these intended or a bug?


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I had this happen yesterday. You can't use Banish on the Ancients, but Cataclysm still dragged them into the rift.


Also, all auras from Eximus enemies will affect you even if you are in different planes. The Parasitics will always drain energy if you are close to them, and the Venomous will always proc Poison if you are close to them. The Caustics shouldn't be able to hit you with their blast, though.

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