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Kubrow Blocking Shots


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I've got an issue with my kubrow frequently running in front of me and blocking my shots or scans or some abilities. and with my doge being max height, it's especially annoying

Happens a lot with me...even if the Kubrow isn`t in the way...as long as it`s health bar is appearing at the top of the screen,  I can`t shoot a thing!

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Just started leveling my shunika kubrow a bit and this is a very frustrating issue. Not to mention when you level a weapon that is not yet too strong plus got limited amount of bullets and every shot matters vs. a bit higher lvl enemies.

Then this stupid dog appears in my zoomed in screen with her head and standing there for seconds. Not minding my bullets and most annoyingly not minding enemy bullets.

At least enemy AI tries to run to cover (hopelessly of course but still)

I was expecting my kubrows not being as dumb as brick now after half a year of the kubrows patch. But they are.

Please give them some brains and versatility finally!

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