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Clay Mirage In Liset!


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I look like a clay statue!


Not sure what caused this bug or how to reproduce it, but a couple friends and I did some Orokin Derelict Exterminate Runs, and after #2, I noticed that while in the Liset, my Mirage looked like this.


I didn't recolor her at all; I had just gotten her out of the Foundry earlier today, equipped her, put a Rejuvenation Mod and a Vitality mod on (yeah, suicide I know lol).


After the 2nd mission, I noticed she looked like this in the screenshot above.


In-mission, she looks normal. After every mission (at least until I shut the game down), she would return to looking like a clay statue in the Liset.


EDIT: The rest of my loadout:





Decaying Dragon Key


As you can see, whatever bug causes this did not apply to my weapon (you can see the Embolist in the bottom left corner as well as the kronen handles and the flames on the kronen have color).

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Another Update:


The same is happening to Trinity too (who I've also not altered the color on).


Seems like any frame that I have not altered the color, and anytime I am the host.


If I join as a client, I see the colors I'm supposed to see.


If I'm host (Liset, Dojo, or in-mission), I'm grey. The kicker is, the other people in the mission can see me being grey because I asked my friend if my trinity was grey. At first he said "I dunno, the lighting in here is kinda bad" and I said "eh, she's supposed to be red" and he said "oh, yeah, then definitely grey, there's no red there at all".


Also, I remember walking around the Liset with color until I put the red veil sigil on her chest. Then I started seeing grey.


So perhaps this is a bug with the sigils, or the red veil one in particular?

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