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Can We Get Pistol-Melee Stances?


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Gun-fu, anybody? I want to wield a pistol and melee weapon at the same time, killing enemies in a slightly wider range than normal melee but with less accuracy and range than normal gunfire! Would change gameplay up a little.


Even Warframe's ads have them!

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I was thinking about ways weapons could vary instead of just stats, this was one of them.


Like, daggers or light melees could wield a pistol at the same time, dual weapons had fast swings and could parry, heavy melees would excel the most in terms of damage, and others


But, that's a very drastic change, and im sure there's a lot of downsides to a system like that, but it felt very diverse when I first thought about it.

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Been wanting a similar thing for a while.

It would be awesome to have the option to duel wield single pistols with one handed melee weapons.

The downside being that you would not be able to take full advantage of melee stances and possibly not be able to aim down sight with your pistol.

The advantage being you would have a few more ranged options in close combat and would look badass.

Would also be great for weapons like the embolist or pyrana.


I was thinking something like this could come with the removal of quick melee for every weapon thats not a dagger and replace it with a low dmg hit with your gun or a kick that staggers.

Its ridiculous to have a scindo magically appear in your hand out of nowhere.

It would give daggers a nice little bit of functionality as well.

That probably wouldn't be a well received change though.


TL;DR Duel wielding pistols and single handed melee weapons?

Much yes.

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I would love to see something like this implemented with a bit of auto-aiming, much like the current Archwing Melee.


Install a mod or augmentation that enables the use of a sidearm stance. Base range is only a mere 5 meters +1m per level, so it will not make aiming obsolete. Couple that with something reflex and skillbased (i wouldn't even mind quicktime events, similar to the melee combos we already have), and if you pull off a full combo chain, you hit all targets inside your zone. Depending on the stance or combo, you might deal guaranteed knockdown, or a headshot... there is a lot of room to play around with here.

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