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Welcome to my online store, my in game name is warwalker360; I will eventually put up alot of mods up for sale and trading once I sort them out, atm these are the current ones that I have for sale. I prefer platinum but I am also willing to trade if the offer is good enough. Add me in game, reply here or send me a PM and we can work something out.

Current mods


3-5p- mods are sold in a cycle of 5p for the first mod 4p for the second and 3p for the third and then the cycle repeats itself



Rending strike



Focus Energy


Steady Hands

Stunning Speed


Offer only mods



Archwing mods: Accepting offers
Combustion Rounds 5P


Uncommon mods for 2p each


Infected Clip

Fever strike

Chilling grasp

Hornet strike


Prime parts: Offers for these

Bolter Prime Stock

Orthos Prime Stock

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