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[Warframe Concept] Dwarf


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( Mix the matter tiger and chess queen at the bottom right of the above diagram is green dwarf dedicated helmet . )


He is the type who prefer only of close combat by summoning the weapon. and Name for reference had not yet decided. Just took only concept


One of skill will summon a weapon , ready to use the proximity unconditionally , give a stun the enemy ,


during it , you will not be able to use the auxiliary weapon of the main weapon . Instead , it can be changed to a melee weapon that he is wearing .

For skill release , either manually released by pressing the skill once , the numeric value on top of the one skill is displayed as Rhino , and its numerical value is consumed , it will be canceled automatically .


#.2 skill




Is a dash technology , it can be used in order to escape when it is surrounded by enemies accumulate .

( This skill is affected by the power . )

The more enemy damaged when using the skills , the distance increases .

( As will be to think about Pokemon Pikachu lightning-fast technology .. )


#.3 skill




I will reduce the stamina damage me to upgrade the attack speed to yourself . If it is willing to add a decrease in attack rate and stamina damage when using a three times using a single skill , When used in a default state ( state of not using the skill once) , attack speed does not rise , applies strength damage reduction only . - Also , by using a single skill , stamina only damage even when it is changed to their existing proximity weapon application -


#.4 skill




4 skills , while taking the ground with his hammer , is a skill that damage to the enemy weapon is coming out from the ground at the same time . Adds bleeding damage to the right of the enemy to the reference . Skills is affected by the range and power .


Currently Eagle point awkward because I wrote the translation , thank you acknowledge .(_ _)


Please comment if there are indications to Us :)

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I can barely understand anything written in there but the skill concepts look good...the dwarf concept and ide does not look good or fitting for warframe theme...

yeah i konw.. dwarf like not ninja :( just warrior anyway Thank you for your comments about the skill concept. :)

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