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Launcher Crash Almost On Startup


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So ive played my fair share of warfame and havent really had any issues. until lastnight when a freak crash broke my space engineers and cased a hard restart. Since then. every     single    time ive tried to launch warframe, the launcher pops up for about a second "the evolution engine has stopped working" and it propmply closes. For some reason it retains the process in task manager. and if i launch it again, another appears. always using little more than 115k memory, the least of any of my processes.


anyone got a clue what in the void just occured? or how i can get some more detailed bug reports.... or any bug reports for that matter, it rather unceremoniously just vanishes without a trace besides the afformentioned process footprint.


halp plz :C


EDIT: well... i had to reinstall my flash player on a firefox related issiue. and somehow that fixed it. somehow :/ Bueno i guess

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