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Archwing, The Situation In 2 Corpus Mission Types


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This is a feedback concerning 2 mission types in Archwing mode that do not make sense to me: Corpus Exterminate and Sabotage


The 2nd thing we see when we in the cutscene of when we start the mission is Balor in the background making short work of the Corpus, wich makes me wonder WHY are in doing an exter mission on a ship whose passagers and cargo (Reactor) are doomed anyways.


It would make sense if we were to fly into a fully functional Corpus Ship and go wreck its Reactor using Archwing and get out, same with Exter missions.


Short feedback is short, but its to the point.

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This has been seriously bugging me as well.  Like, seriously bugging me. To the point that I don't like fighting Corpus anymore because they are already getting facerolled by the Grineer.


My only explanation is for the Sabotage mission:We need to shut down the unstable reactor so that it doesn't rupture and blow up half the sector... But wait, 1: we prevent it's rupture with bullets? 2: Wouldn't that destroy both fleets and solve two problems?


Ultimately, there is absolutely  NO REASON that we are fighting the Corpus with Archwing the way we are.




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