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Kubrow Help - Genetic Code Templates





I was hoping someone could help me understand how imprinting works with Kubrow; specifically, I would like to know if there is a limit as to the number of times you can 'imprint' your own Kubrow on to a Genetic Code Template?


For example, can I imprint the same Kubrow 500 times on to a bunch of Genetic Code Templates, and then sell it to 500 people?


I notice in-game under the "Genetic Tools" tab of the Kubrow options, it says "2 of 2 scans left". I assume this means you can only scan each Kubrow twice, maximum?


This is probably a silly question, but I ask it because not even the Warframe Wiki section for Genetic Code Templates has any mention, whatsoever, of the number of times you can imprint your Kubrow. I have also met many players who claim you can make as many copies of your Kubrow's genetic traits as you want.


[size=3]P.S. Warframe Wiki seriously needs some better practices... I will try to update the page myself with this information, however it really should have been included[/size] -.-

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