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A Different Approach For Bosses


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People seem to be asking for harder bosses, or bosses without having to farm keys... i.e. Vaaaayyyy Hekekekeke
Here's my suggestion for a different kind of mechanic. (prepare for a mini-essay, I'm quite thorough)

Release secret bosses in a special survival or defense maps, but only accessible if desired. If players want to challenge the boss, they'll have to clear the original mission, risk losing everything to enter a second dungeon and fight the secret boss towards the end.

Terms for unlocking secret boss
i.e. Survival: survive a minimum of 40(?) for regular and 90(?) minutes for nightmare. You'll still be given the 5 minute rotation reward, but a different, unique set of rotation rewards not found anywhere else i.e. cosmetic blueprints (1%)

Same concept for defense or intercept.

Once you reach the limit for the mission, you can either extract, or access a portal that only opens after you finish the mission. If you enter, you risk losing EVERYTHING if you fail at the second dungeon. No more chance to extract afterwards. Same door for both regular or nightmare. If you stay till you're eligible for nightmare, the portal changes.

You enter the second dungeon, and there's a special condition in this map. No drops. No ammo drops, no energy orb, no health orb, NOTHING... with the exception of maybe 2~3 containers. Enemies in this map hit like a truck, like Alad V's megacorpus.
Killing mobs takes about 10~15 minutes until you reach the boss. it's optional, but you'll want to kill them all or they'll follow you to the boss room.

The boss deals damage based on % of your health. That way, hp, armor, shields mean nothing to the boss. Only your weapons, warframe mods, and skills (warframe set) will truly be of use with the boss.

Basically what the boss is all about is it's DIFFICULT. The aim is to make your hands SWEAT. Not like Lephantis, where you can kill him by just running in circles. The boss's attacks WILL track you down. AOE the entire map ! Only way to dodge the aoe is running to the edge of the map and hide in an individual trenches that fit ONLY one person ( the trenches disappear after skill is over)
In NIGHTMARE, the boss will NULLIFY your abilities like stalker. BRING THE PAIN !!!!! sorry, got carried away there.


Regular boss drops by roulette, Nightmare boss allows you to choose your personal reward (5 randomly generated rewards /w roulette system)(?). 

Good news for DE, people will finally spend plat to buy revives !!! Why? Because players will DEFINITELY die. Of course, you still only get 4 revives in dungeons. Buying revives is for people who want to use the same warframe but want to try again.

Obviously, I'm only suggesting this for the 5%, the masochistic fellas who love pain and that sense of euphoria after the said pain. the other 95% casuals can just suck it and play void T1 def for the rest of their lives.

Edit: means I'm editing something. Will write down what I edit if significant.

PS: If I added (?) it means it's open for change. I'm not gonna bother editing that though, that's up for DE to decide.

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As already stated, crazy and very extremist... but uh... *Ahem* WE ARE THE 5%!! BRING IT!!! (no seriously something like this would be amazing, I've always thought it'd be awesome if there was something that'd make going e.g. 50/100 waves on defense worth it in the end.) Great suggestion!


My own little idea to add on here~ Use this to add in some lore! E.g. You're considering extraction, but the battle reveals a hidden path, or a portal opens. Upon entering said path/portal, what lies before you but unexplored areas, hidden treasures, hordes of enemies with seemingly no reason to be there!! After fighting through the hordes you come across the "boss".


It could anything from "Why would the Grineer / Corpus be willing to send so many to their deaths, why are they trying so hard to take control of this particular area? The presumed-dead Orokin portal activates, and your enemy suddenly makes a mad dash towards it. Upon falling through the portal to stop them from their goal, you see rows... thousands of Tenno brothers and sisters awaiting in pods, locked within an area, shifted to the void through the technology of the Orokin! Defend until help can arrive, keeping these Tenno out of the hands of the enemy, and bringing them to your side in the process!!"


"Sealed away by the Orokin of the past, now opened through time and harsh battles beating away at the hidden prison, the chaos of the infestation locked within now escapes! You must ensure that it cannot reach the surface, and you hear something truly horrifying in the depths that is the most fearsome of them all... the enemy before you moments ago are now your ally, as neither of you stand a chance alone!" <-- just some examples of what this could could be for the lore of the game.


EDIT: Sorry if I got a bit carried away and went off topic here. :p

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some of these ideas I've seen in other games....and I don't want Warframe to be like other games :/ 

w-what. And here I thought I came up with an original mechanic... Augh DAMNIT guess I'll try thinking up another one later.

I still think it's an original idea though...



As already stated, crazy and very extremist... but uh... *Ahem* WE ARE THE 5%!! BRING IT!!! (no seriously something like this would be amazing, I've always thought it'd be awesome if there was something that'd make going e.g. 50/100 waves on defense worth it in the end.) Great suggestion!

 huehuehue 5% !! 5% !!! It's about time we had some challenging content.

Also yeah I always thought it seemed so pointless to stay past the first few waves in defense or survival. Just restart and do over if you want the target rotation reward, right? much easier that way. =.=

About the lore part you mentioned... I thought about it for a while, but can't seem to relate between the survival missions or defense with a hidden portal in their own ship that leads to a lost orokin site. Unless of course you meant changing the mission site altogether, which in that case it can actually work.

Truth be told though, this was something I thought with a new boss. The boss is a powerful new marshall in grineer (who took over Vor's spot as the mother's favorite after Vor deserted) who has sworn to eradicate Tenno by any means necessary. The survival mission starts off normally, but the grineer decides to take advantage of the situation and sends multiple platoons to wipe them out. Vice versa for defense and intercept. The Lotus doesn't mention the hidden portal to fight the boss, it's just something you have to discover (not really that hidden, it's a portal out in open sight.)


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