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Warframe 2: Age Of Alad V


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No Tenno was safe. Alad V had been brought back to life by John Prodman. Soon nearly all Tenno in the solar system were captured and turned into components for a Zanuka Army. Mass production of the Zanuka's caused the Tenno to be nearly entirely wiped out. The Twin Queens joined forces with the Tenno to stop Alad V from conquering the entire solar system. New Tenno were being recruited but even more were dying. In 3 months all Tenno above rank 0 were targeted and killed, leaving the new recruits with no help. Most Grineer leaders, chiefs, commanders and officials except the Twin Queens were killed.The Twin Queen's then trusted the new recruits with their fellow army of Grineer, ships and bases. Battle after battle planets were lost and clone machines were destroyed. All that was left was 1 Tenno, 6 Heavy Gunners, 3 Napalms, the Twin Queens and 1 Formorion ship. During a meeting on that ship the last Tenno who's name was Alex and was using Excalibur, heard a faint scream behind him. Knowing that his fellow Grineer ate food loudly and usually got into fights he ignored the voice. Continuing on talking to the Twin Queens holograms as they still didn't trust the Tenno with their full identity. When the screams got louder Alex turned around and saw 6 Heavy Gunners on the ground , each looked in perfect condition. He then looked closer and saw smoke coming from their lifeless bodies. He also smelt something burnt. An image of John Prodman came to his mind, just as John Prodman leaped out of his hiding place with 5 Elite Crewmen behind him and surrounding Alex. The first thing Alex saw was a blur of John Prodmans Prova before it hit his chest. Alex immediately hit the emergency button on his arm, 3 Napalms charged out of nowhere and dispatched of the Elite Crewmen easily. While Alex layed stunned on the cold Alloy Floor where the power of the Prova sent him flying. He was stunned at how John Prodman killed the Napalms with ease. Just before John Prodman Lunged at Alex, Alex leaped out of the way and shot John's Helmet off with his Mk-1 Braton. Just before Ferrite bullets filled John Prodman's head. His last words were "I have failed you Alad V, please forgive me my father". Soon Alad V's emotions took over him after the loss of his son. He went mad. But at that exact moment Alex found a cloning machine that the Orokin used to mass produce the Tenno....................

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